Myths & Truths About Waxing vs. Threading



MYTH: Threading gives more precise shape- FALSE

TRUTH: Getting the perfect brow shape depends largely on the skill of the artist performing your service. At Chella, we are highly trained, educated and licensed brow specialists who can achieve any shape you like. Many threading artists are not licensed and therefore less likely to be consistent in their results, as well as less likely to be properly informed about safety and sanitary procedures.

MYTH: Threading is less damaging to the skin than waxing- FALSE

TRUTH: Threading is actually more abrasive to the skin than waxing as it causes friction and pinching and can be very irritating to the skin. This process may remove skin and thin it, causing loss of elasticity and an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. Also, most threading artists put one end of the thread in their mouth, exposing your irritated skin to germs from saliva which can cause infection. Ingrown hairs and resulting infections are also much more likely with threading. This can cause angry looking red bumps.

MYTH: Threading is less painful/ less likely to cause a reaction or redness and is better for sensitive skin. -FALSE

TRUTH: Chella Brow Experts will always test the temperature of the wax before applying so you should never get burned. We also use a wax specifically designed for sensitive skin. Since threading pulls out hairs more slowly, it is more painful. Also the friction it creates on the skin is likely to cause redness and irritation to sensitive skin. In the case of a client who is allergic to wax, we would recommend tweezing instead of waxing or threading.

MYTH: Threading lasts longer and/or causes hair to grow back thicker and/or darker.- FALSE

TRUTH: Threading and waxing both are epilation methods which pull the hair out directly from the root. Over time, this will actually cause the hair in the area being epilated to grow back thinner or not at all, regardless of method. For areas where you would like hair to be cleaned up but still want it to grow back the same as before, we recommend using our Chella razor to create a clean look without damaging follicles. The color and thickness of hair is determined by genetics and cannot be altered by any epilation method. To encourage brow hair to come in fuller, thicker, and faster, we recommend our Brow Fullfillment treatment to nourish your follicles for maximum benefit. In order to achieve darker brows, we recommend brow tinting.